Perimenopause & Menstrual Cycle Changes

While many different symptoms start popping up to signal that you’re in perimenopause, the most significant indication is a change in your menstrual cycle.

What defines "menstrual cycle changes"?

Usually, the amount of time between your periods becomes shorter and the bleeding becomes heavier. However, every woman is different, and you may notice just the opposite – less frequent periods that vary in heaviness. You may also notice long intervals of spotting, or going two months without a period. In short - "changes" is really more about what's irregular for you.

What causes it?

It’s the change in your hormones during perimenopause that alters your body’s menstrual cycle. Hormone fluctuations affect ovulation and menstruation.

What can you do?

Pay attention. While changes in menstrual patterns are normal during perimenopause, other conditions can cause abnormal menstrual bleeding. If any of the below scenarios sound familiar to you, call your doctor to rule out any other causes.

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