The Doctor Is In
The Doctor Is In!
Each month, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin answers menopause-related questions from our Facebook community. Those answers can be found here.
As a board-certified OB/GYN, professor at Yale and an accomplished author, Dr Minkin has extensive background in women’s health issues and has recommended Remifemin® for many years. Each month, she answers menopause-related questions submitted by women on the Remifemin Facebook page. Join the conversation on Facebook, and find her answers here.

February 2015 Q&A

Q. Jill writes: What is the best remedy for hot flashes and terrible night sweats?

Q. April writes: I've started talking in my sleep and sometimes kick and punch. Does this have anything to do with my pre-menopause ?

Q. Vicki writes: Is it common to have anxiety in peri-menopause as I have never had a problem prior?
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