The Doctor Is In
The Doctor Is In!
Each month, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin answers menopause-related questions from our Facebook community. Those answers can be found here.
As a board-certified OB/GYN, professor at Yale and an accomplished author, Dr Minkin has extensive background in women’s health issues and has recommended Remifemin® for many years. Each month, she answers menopause-related questions submitted by women on the Remifemin Facebook page. Join the conversation on Facebook, and find her answers here.

September 2014 Q&A

Q) Barbara writes: How do I get help with mood swings?

Q) Debbie writes: Why are bad odors magnified now to me and how do I calm that part down? Yes I know get rid of the bad odors but that's not always possible and it's just not bad odors it can be a cologne that smells horrible, please help me.

Q) Cherie writes: I'm trying to just deal with menopause, but it's not easy. I wonder how many other women going through menopause have reoccurring chest pains along with the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings? I've had several tests run and they say it's not my heart, but I feel like the chest pains are associated with these other menopausal symptoms somehow.
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