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The Doctor Is In!
Each month, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin answers menopause-related questions from our Facebook community. Those answers can be found here.
As a board-certified OB/GYN, professor at Yale and an accomplished author, Dr Minkin has extensive background in women’s health issues and has recommended Remifemin® for many years. Each month, she answers menopause-related questions submitted by women on the Remifemin Facebook page. Join the conversation on Facebook, and find her answers here.

May 2014 Q&A

Q. Vagola asks: I just had a robotic assist hysterectomy 4/14 and my hot flashes are still part of my body's daily routine, as well as being emotionally triggered. I currently itching all over thinking it's a medication allergic reaction. I am in pain and learning to have bowel movements again, as well as urinating without my inside feeling like they are going to fall out. Which is so painful. I am a smoker and was told I cannot take any female hormone's (caged pg horse pee). Is this possibly something out there that I can take to make a difference?

Q. Sharlyse asks: I have a question, I have been taking 40 mgs of Black Cohash 3 times a day and it was helping my hot flashes so very much which in turn helped my mood. Well I accidently bought the wrong brand and just realized I have been taking 540 mgs 3 times a day, thats like 100% more than recommended.....I didn’t feel any side effects and it still helped my hot flashes BUT I just read that if you have had breast cancer or uterine cancer you shouldn’t use it. Is this true? Also, what is the right dose? Also, is there anything in Remifemin that I shouldn’t have with my history, I have had both cancers...Thank You very much

Q. Jonnette asks: I'm getting really hot I can be sitting here and then all of a sudden my body starts getting really hot and I start sweating uncontrollably . After about five minutes it stops and then for the rest of the day I go from hot to cold is this part of it. Or is it because I need my Hormones rebalanced again?
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