The True Tips-From Someone Who Knows

Tuesday, September, 13, 2016 < Back to Blog Posts

This fact you might need to read sitting down: menopause symptoms can last 10 or more years.
Are you still OK?
That’s pretty hard for any women to hear. I’m not just writing about “some women”, I’m one of those women who have been in menopause for what seems like many, many years.  If you are one of the many who will be facing the challenges of menopause, here are my top ideas to deal with what’s ahead!
1.) Keep a journal. You think you’ll remember, but you probably won’t! By keeping notes in a diary, even if it’s very short, you can see patterns of things that are causing issues. Is spicy food a trigger? Does caffeine bother you? You’ll notice those types of things if you keep track.  This document will also be helpful if you have a daughter or granddaughter who will want to know when you started and what your experience was like.
2.) Layers! Wear light PJ’s, or check out the many types of clothes that actually “wick” perspiration away. Flip the pillow through the night so you can keep getting the cooler side. A bedtime fan will keep the air moving and may be just what you need. Wear layers in the day too so you can always adjust by taking off or adding on.
3.) Involve your partner if you are in a relationship. Send them some websites to let them know what you are going through and educate them about menopause. ( is a great one!) Give them tips on how they can be a help through this time and not a hindrance. (Or, at least, how to stay out of the way when you need them to!)
4.) Talk to your friends who are also going through menopause too. You are not alone and that thought will be a help for those times when you do feel like you are the only one going through menopause. Chances are if you are sharing your experiences with a girlfriend, you will be able to share similar moments and you also may end up laughing, which is a very good thing!
5.) Be really good to yourself, maybe better than you have been in the past. If you are used to always putting yourself last, this is not a time in life where that works. Feel free to say no sometimes. Take that extra moment for yourself. Do things that make you relax – make it a priority. Be gentle with yourself, your feelings, and your expectations about what you expect on a day-to-day basis.
6.) Work with a doctor who listens to you. If you don’t feel you can talk to your doctor about menopause and all the things you are going through, it’s time to find a different doctor.
7.) Remifemin® menopause relief* has made all the difference for me. It’s a reliable, clinically-studied black cohosh that had provided me relief from hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.* I am happy to have an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT.) I’ve also taken advantage of Remifemin® Good Night for occasional sleeplessness as well as hot flashes & night sweats.* I highly recommend it for you too.
If you follow these top tips, I think you will have a better time through your own menopausal journey. Check out our Facebook page for Remifemin, some ladies are really having a rough time, and I’m very thankful to be able to say – explore Remifemin and this website. Learn what Remifemin provides for you and tell your friends. Life is too precious to give away even one-minute – let’s make the most of all of them- even through menopause.  
Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.