Life Advice Works for Menopause Too

Sunday, June, 1, 2014 < Back to Blog Posts

In this Internet age we see a lot of encouraging words on places like Facebook and viral emails from friends giving us encouraging words….life advice. I thought that I would take some of those types of general advice, and turn them into some good thoughts about how we can more easily make it through menopause.

1. Spend time with the right people. You might wonder why that would matter when it comes to menopause, but the truth is - menopause is hard. Being around people who bring you down just doesn’t add anything to what you need to keep going every day. There are people in our lives that we can’t do anything about, but if you do have a choice, spend time with the type of people who you find to be positive, encouraging, and helpful. If there are toxic people in your life that you can avoid: do it!

2. Face your problems head on. Menopause is a fact of life for every woman. Some ladies breeze right through it, but that hasn’t been my experience. I couldn’t wish it away. Menopause was going to be with me every single day for a long time. I did my research about how I would approach menopause symptoms head on, and my answer has been Remifemin® menopause relief.* It’s a clinically-tested, unique black cohosh extract designed to work in harmony with a woman’s body improve mood & relieve irritability.* That’s exactly what I’ve found to be true for me.

3. Make your own happiness a priority. As women, we often put ourselves last. We were raising our families and doing our jobs and often there just wasn’t much left for ourselves at the end of the day. But that has to change when it comes to menopause. My creed since perimenopause and menopause has always been “be good to yourself.” I think when you are being good to yourself and taking time to do things you enjoy, you are better for everyone else. Even if you’ve never taken time for yourself, menopause will often force you to start. It beats not taking time for yourself and being an unhappy mess!

4. Don’t compete against an earlier version of yourself. Who is ever ready for aging? As I notice my turkey neck, and what seems as a daily new wrinkle, I have to work hard at accepting my age. I’m not going to be young forever. I am a 40- or 50-plus woman in menopause, and I want to concentrate on what is good and right with being where I am right now…not compete against some younger version of myself.

5. Be more open about how you feel. That isn’t a license to be nasty, but to be able to say: “I’m in menopause, and I’m struggling with how I feel right now.” Find a way to get more sleep, say what you need, take time to exercise, be real with what you are going through. I think it’s freeing to just let others know you are going through a very real thing in life, and when possible, you need a break.

Can you relate? I hope these 5 points will make your day better!

Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.