The Silver Spoon Ladies and The Rest of Us!

Monday, December, 1, 2014 < Back to Blog Posts

The holidays are upon us and that can mean stress. Well, unless of course you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You know, an heiress, never worked, possibly had maids and butlers and wintered in the Hamptons. (Too much Downton Abbey for me?)
And then- there’s the rest of us.
If you’re like me, you’ve worked your whole life in some way or another, and now you may be pulling double duty by caring for parents and kids or some sort of combination where you are the hub of getting things done in your family. Perhaps at work you have a lot of responsibility too. And then the holidays arrive.
That’s all well and good except for that time of life you are now experiencing…menopause! The stress can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you through the holidays. It’s my annual gift to you, to help keep you on track during this festive time of year!
  1. Stop and think about what puts the “happy” in Happy Holidays for you. Is it time to yourself? Watching your favorite movies? I have five very special holiday movies that if I don’t absolutely make the time to watch, the season passes by and I miss out on something I truly enjoy.
  1. Acknowledge that everything doesn’t have to be “Rachael Ray” perfect. Leave the ornate centerpieces and handmade chocolate coffee cups to the images in the TV commercials. Accomplish what’s realistic and still enjoyable. Let the rest go. Do not judge the season by elaborate magazine spreads and false expectations.
  1. Just say no. Cookie exchange? No thanks. Run the holiday bazaar? Not this year. Fifty nine houses in one round robin in a night? Decline. The need to make the magic happen for every relative you ever knew. Forget about it. Make a list of what is possible, things you really want to say “yes” to and stick to your list!
  1. Watch out for too much eating and drinking that can lead to you feeling physically and emotionally down. Decide ahead of time how you will eat and drink at your holiday functions and how you will carve out some time for exercise. Why not make up your own Nutcracker ballet and dance around the living room to your favorite holiday CD? Have a blast!
  1.  Every day write down three things you are thankful for and three things you like about yourself. Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader. (Pom poms optional!)
  1. Take your Remifemin® menopause relief* as directed and why not take a moment and tell a good friend about your answer to menopause? When someone realizes relief for a change with this hormone-free, clinically tested wonderful product*, that truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
So, there you go. If you will embrace these ideas, I think your holidays will be a little easier. And from me and all the fine folks who bring you Remifemin - the happiest of holidays to you and yours!
Michele is a real person experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a question, a story to share…or you just need to vent to someone who understands, have we got a Facebook page for you! Feel free to comment on the Remifemin Facebook page….we’re in this together!
Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.