And You Can Quote Me On That!

Friday, August, 1, 2014 < Back to Blog Posts

Once in a while we hear from ladies who have barely had a hot flash or a night sweat. Menopause seems to have skipped them. But I can’t relate. It didn’t skip me, and for most of you, it didn’t skip you either. One thing I can tell you about menopause is: attitude matters!

Left to menopause alone, you can be overwhelmed. Because the whole thing can last 10 plus years, it’s just not feasible to walk around in a bad mood for that long. Such misery!

My first step to taking control was research about what I could do about menopause, and that brought me to Remifemin®. With my research and in talking with my doctor, I knew that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms would not be for me. Remifemin has been used safely by women around the world for nearly sixty years; I liked that kind of track record. For me, Remifemin has been my solution. Its unique black cohosh extract has been the answer for my hot flashes, mood swings, irritability and occasional sleeplessness.* So, check, I have Remifemin.

In addition to Remifemin, encouragement has been important to me. That’s why I like our Remifemin Facebook page. There’s encouraging postings, plus comments from other ladies…you’re not alone when it comes to menopause! I also highly recommend our website which has a wealth of information including great answers to your questions from Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.

Here’s another tip…some quotes and short quips that I’ve found helpful when I need a boost:
I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson
We turn no older with years, but newer every day.  – Emily Dickinson
Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. – Will Rogers
Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. – Unknown
When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. – Victor Hugo
It’s not what we have, but what we enjoy, that constitutes our abundance. – Epicurus
The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. -  William James
Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Happiness is the function of accepting what is. – Werner Erhard

And now a little menopause humor I know you can relate to:
Why couldn’t the middle-aged woman type on her computer for a week? Because she had misplaced her keys!

So we journey on together ladies…with Remifemin…with each other…and with a good attitude if we can. I don’t know where I originally heard it, but I’ve often said: acceptance is going along with a smile where you have to go anyway. And you can quote me on that! 
Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.