The Man in Your Life and Menopause

Tuesday, October, 1, 2013 < Back to Blog Posts

Have you talked to the man in your life about what you’re going through when it comes to menopause?
If you haven’t, here are some tips to help you have “the talk.” I’m speaking from my own experiences!


  1. Don’t be afraid to state the truth. You are in perimenopause or menopause. It’s a fact of life. You didn’t choose it, but you have to go through it. Tell your loved one this is as much a part of life as anything else, and you’re not making it up. Real physical changes are taking place, and you have to deal with what you are given.
  2. Let your loved one know that you have to do what you have to do. If you aren’t feeling well, if someplace is just too hot, or you’re feeling stressed, you may have to leave early, or not go at all. It might make sense to even take separate cars if that helps you be able to bow out when you need to.
  3. The old adage really applies: There are only so many clothes you can take off, but you can always put more on. Keep the house cooler, and if your guy is chilly, that’s why they make sweaters and long johns.
  4. Admit that if he thinks this is hard for him, he is invited to walk a mile in your shoes. It’s not a walk in the park for you either, but there will be an end to it. This isn’t for the rest of your life, although it can be a 10 plus year time period.
  5. Let your guy know that misery loves company, and there may be times when you need more girlfriend time…possibly more alone time…and more downtime.
  6. Challenge him to do some research on menopause online and educate himself on what you are going through. Let him know it’s ok for you to make menopause jokes, but he’s probably better off if he doesn’t make any!
  7. Let him know that it’s probably “not him,” it’s menopause. And even though at the moment it feels like it “is him”…and you may act at times like it “is him,” it’s not. Ask him to be patient and hang in there.
  8. Acknowledge that he may be having his own midlife struggles at the same time. Compassion, caring, and love go a long way; both ways…rely on reacting with grace, even if you don’t feel like it.
  9. Let him know that at times you do want to be asked how you are feeling, and then you really want him to listen. A common healthy relationship tactic is to have the person state back to you what they think they heard so you have the opportunity to clarify and really feel understood. When a person is “heard,” they feel better, even if nothing else about the situation changes.
  10. Keep a sense of humor! You may have said those vows to each other “for better or worse” and by this point in life you most likely have been through a lot as individuals and as a couple. Call on those things that helped you get through the hard times in the past. Be gentle and kind to one another.


Oh and one last thing…tell your significant other that you have chosen to take a safe, natural product for menopause, Remifemin®! Something that has been used safely by women in Europe for nearly 60 years. It’s hormone free and reliable. That should give your guy some peace of mind. Then remind him, to be happy that he doesn’t have to go through menopause, and jewelry always makes you smile.

Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.