7 Things Ladies Who Make it Through Menopause With Their Sanity Don’t Do

Friday, November, 1, 2013 < Back to Blog Posts

Some ladies are just unhappy people. Not a majority of women, but we all know a few who were always that kind of way. I know someone you know just came to mind! Menopause, although making them even unhappier, isn’t the root of their problem. That’s not who I am talking about right now. I’m talking about you ladies who were pretty content, overall happy…and your smiling meter hit the skids when you encountered menopause. Other ladies have it quite bad and still hang on to a level of contentment. Wondering why that is? Here are a few observations from my own life, and from reading comments on Facebook...


  1. You care more about what other people think than you do about taking care of yourself.
    You’ve probably lived a life where you could always push yourself. Even if there wasn’t time to make the cookies for the event, you still got it done. Head up that committee? Sure, you’ve always participated in the past and you’ll do it again. But, if you are having a rough time with menopause, now is the time to slow it down, to be gentler with your time schedule as it relates to stress and pressure. Do most of us still have to work? Yes. Do we have to do all the extra stuff we’ve just always done? Probably not. You have to learn to say, “No, I just can’t help at this time.” If you can find a shortcut and it’s not hurting someone, take it. Care for yourself. Be good to yourself.
  2. You get paralyzed by what you’re experiencing in menopause, so you don’t put in the effort to educate yourself about menopause.
    I can tell from emails and Facebook, that some ladies have not done any research at all on menopause. They don’t know the first thing about what is happening to them. Sadly, they may also believe anything anyone tells them, without exploring it for themselves. There is a lot to learn about menopause and education is power. Whether you are talking to your doctor or your friends, know what you are talking about. Explore www.remifemin.com You’ll find a wealth of information there to help you.
  3. You believe what your hormones are telling you.
    Ugh. Lies. Things like: This is never going to end…there is nothing to help me…this will go on forever…I can’t get through each day. Everyone gets their own set of lies as hormones scatter but rely on reason and truth. Talk right back to feelings, which can so easily betray you. Start a journal and write down your thoughts. Get them out.
  4. You don’t reach out to friends and family for support.
    Menopause can turn us into martyrs. That’s exactly what we don’t need right now. You need to talk to friends. It’s really good to talk to someone who is walking a mile in your shoes. That’s one of the reasons I encourage you to visit our Remifemin Facebook page every day. You’ll get a laugh, learn something and hear the thoughts of other ladies across the country that are going through the same things you are.
  5. You complain about menopause, but you don’t really do anything differently.
    I knew someone who complained all the time about hot flashes and when I would ask if they had tried Remifemin, they had a different excuse every time. It was frustrating to me, because I know how much it has helped me. Or, they would say they had tried black cohosh and it didn’t work for them. If you have not taken the recommended amount of Remifemin for at least 12 weeks consistently…you don’t know how Remifemin will work for you. If you have taken black cohosh in general, and it didn’t work….don’t rule out Remifemin on that basis. Remifemin is a one-of-a kind, standardized black cohosh extract that is a proprietary blend. It’s exclusive to Remifemin alone. You may have tried other products that have black cohosh, but that is not RemiSure Black Cohosh…and only Remifemin has it. Only Remifemin has been used safely by women around the world for nearly 60 years.
  6. You spend time comparing yourself to someone who isn’t having a hard time with menopause.
    Don’t do that. You are having a very individual journey and your journey is yours. Deal with what is. Comparisons never work in life in general, and they really don’t work when it comes to menopause…this also includes how you look and your weight! Nothing takes the wind out of your sails faster than comparisons.
  7. You think someone else can change this for you.
    You are in charge of you. No one is going to “fix this” for you. They can provide education, information, and guidance, but at the end of the day, you are in charge of you. Be good to yourself. Learn about hot flash triggers like alcohol, smoking and spicy foods. See if staying away from them helps you. Dress in layers. Turn up the air conditioning. Do what you need to do to feel better. Take charge of your change.


Don’t do these 7 things…and you’ll be well on your way to a better journey through menopause.

Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.