I Wish It Were True

Wednesday, May, 1, 2013 < Back to Blog Posts

I will spend my life seeking the hair that I have in my head. The hair “on” my head does not match up to the hair I think is possible, in my head.
So, I am sucker for beautiful words on shampoo and conditioner bottles. Or ads. Volume. Manageable.
Yes please.
Luxurious, silky , gleaming…
Oh how I wish it were true. Can you relate?
I have never seen an actress that does a hair commercial have the same hair as they appear to have in an acting role on TV or the movies. That flipping, flowing, main somehow only looks good in the commercial.  I’ve never had a product live up to what it claims. I have very flat hair and I need volume. I tousle and spray and primp…and maybe it’s a little higher…for an hour or two.  I always end up disappointed.
If you have thick naturally curly hair…I can’t feel your pain right now. I can only admire you. I know you have your own “hair burden” but it just seems easier. But if you were writing this article, you would be telling me your struggles with hair. Funny thing about hair, we usually want something different than what we have and imagine our life would indeed be better if we had “that” hair.
That’s kind of a waste of energy isn’t it? Sadly we can do the same thing when it comes to our journey through menopause.  Someone will always have it worse and someone will always have it easier. We can fall into a hole of convincing ourselves that we are helpless or suffering more or plain old “sick of it.”
Life’s too short for that! At a very interesting time in your life, you have to “keep calm and carry on” as the British saying goes. The good news is there is a product you can trust. No puffed up promises, just clinical studies, with over 50 years’ use by women around the world. A product that is hormone free. Of course I’m talking about Remifemin®. Take a moment and look over the insert in your box. Read the copy on the outside of the box.  Go to www.remifemin.com.  “Like” our Facebook® page. When I first started looking into how I would take this trip through menopause, I wanted to know all my options. I talked with my doctor. I did research, and Remifemin rose to the top. I knew that I wanted my answer to be hormone free. I knew that I wanted something that wasn’t just invented and whose strength was more than clever advertising.
Do your research. Remifemin is OB/GYN recommended. It’s clinically proven to help reduce menopausal symptoms by up to 70% after 12 weeks.†  It naturally reduces hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.†
I probably will never get that perfect hair I seek. And I’ll probably keep trying with every new volume promise that comes along, and be continually disappointed. But I feel really good about the fact that I found Remifemin as my answer to menopause. And that’s a truth we can all rely on, even if we never get the hair we want! 
Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.