Too Taboo For You?

Monday, April, 1, 2013 < Back to Blog Posts

When you are in public, if there is an appropriate situation, do you acknowledge the fact that you are in menopause?
I think the ability to freely say you are uncomfortable because you are in menopause in a social situation is changing. I remember when I first started to experience perimenopause about eight years ago. I was also starting to work with Remifemin. The question was: how freely can we talk about menopause to women? Is it taboo? Is it only mentioned between a woman and her doctor, or even at all? Can a women talk to her spouse about menopause? Can a woman freely say, “I’m having a hot flash, could we open a window?” While we have come a long way in the last eight years, we still have a long way to go.
If I told you there are roughly 50 million women in America experiencing something and that many of them are afraid to talk about it, you would be outraged! “Why?” you might inquire. “Imagine how many women are experiencing this across the world!  What are they afraid of?”
This something happens to all women in some form or other; they can’t stop it or deny it. It can drastically change their day-to-day quality of life, yet they don’t bring it up in most social settings no matter how uncomfortable they may be at the moment.
What’s the big taboo secret you might wonder…why, it’s MENOPAUSE!
Sounds quite absurd when you see it that way, doesn’t it? The fatigue, poor concentration, hot flashes, occasional sleeplessness and mood swings are very real, yet in everyday situations women often do not feel free to say, “I’m struggling today because of menopause.”  Instead they suffer in silence, and don’t get the understanding and support they need.  
The heart of the matter? For many women, saying they are in menopause somehow is saying that they are indeed getting older. News alert: everyone is getting older, every day. How much more miserable are we making an already challenging time of our lives for the sake of vanity or ignorance?
When we can’t openly speak about something we are more susceptible to myths, untruths and bad decisions.
You had a root canal? You let people know. Broken leg? Here let me get that door for you. Menopause? I will blame it on something else and suffer in silence.
We’re better than that. We are stronger and smarter than that. Don’t be afraid to speak up about menopause and don’t be afraid to explore Remifemin® and why it’s the natural formula that’s clinically proven to help reduce menopausal symptoms by up to 70%.†
I’m speaking up about menopause any chance I get and you should too. No one can change this but us. The more we talk, the more we help each other and educate others.  We live in a very open age. If we are still afraid to talk about menopause openly, then we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Why, what are we afraid of?”
Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.