Do You Remember?

Monday, November, 5, 2012 < Back to Blog Posts

Do you ever stop to remember holidays past when you were a child? Because most of us have commonality in age, I wanted to remind you of some of the celebrations past, that at the time, we had no idea would become such sweet memories!


Do you remember poring over the Christmas catalog?

For smaller towns and rural America, “going to town” only happened once a week. Catalogs became the efficient way to show all kinds of merchandise and let people order through the mail. Rural America had a way to get to big city stores!  You may recall, we only had a couple of channels on TV and kids’ shows were only shown on Saturday mornings and as holiday specials. So, we got our ideas from the big “wish book.” I could spend hours poring over the pages, circling what I wanted so my parents and Santa would see what I just had to have in this journal of joy!  I remember my brother, sister and I setting up schedules so that we would each get our turn to circle our own particular wish list. Of course we never received everything we circled, but at the time, it all seemed possible.


As boomer children, we were the first generation to experience a shift in how parents thought about children. With most of our parents coming out of a depression era, they were eager to make sure we got what they didn’t. The toy makers where happy to oblige! That’s why the catalogs we grew up with were filled with pages and pages of toys and goodies. Not one doll-a multitude of dolls! Not one truck- pages of trucks.


I’ll never forget some of my favorites through the years:

  • That famous potato man, who first started out as parts for a real potato and then morphed into selling the body with the parts.
  • Travelling the world through a 3-D theatre…just by clicking through the reel. Aim your view toward a window and be prepared to be amazed. Ahh…Everything from Europe to fairy tales to favorite cartoon characters came to life one click at a time.
  • Did you have a face printed on cardboard under a plastic bubble filled with metal filings? How many mustaches and beards did you add to the lucky fellow in the picture?
  • The invention of plastic in our childhoods meant that we had easy access to intricate doll houses with all kinds of furniture, at a fraction of what it used to cost to build a doll house. Talk about a dream house!
  • How many pictures did you draw with two white knobs…turn it over…give it a shake…and draw again!
  • And of course…dolls! Talking, wetting, laughing, and giving us our first taste of motherhood.
  • Many of the games still popular today were put on the market when we were kids. Remember adding legs to an ant like creature? Remember the first time you landed in the Peppermint Stick Forest or the  Gumdrop Mountain?
  • How many potholders did you make for gifts as you so skillfully wove a masterpiece on your very own loom?

In those days we didn’t give a thought to menopause or being grandparents or have any idea we’d be reading this article on something called Facebook.

Interestingly enough, Remifemin® was around when we were small! Starting out in Europe, it’s been available for nearly 60 years. Proven, safe and effective for the time in life when we would need it, it’s a tried and true answer for perimenopause and menopause. If we were still catalog shopping like in the past….we’d be putting a big circle around Remifemin!

As you see the sparkle in a child’s eyes this holiday season, take a moment to remember when you were the child with all those wishes and dreams. Take a moment to capture that magic-it’s still there.


Happy Holidays to you all from me and everyone at Remifemin!

Michele is a real person who is experiencing menopause just like you. If you have a menopause-related question, a story to share, or you just need to vent, go to our Remifemin Facebook page.